VILLA MAKASSAR Riad luxe Marrakech

A passion for Art Deco

The owner, fascinated by the 1919-1939 period, has searched the whole world for furniture and objects of these years, in order to increase awareness among well-informed visitors as well as mere art and beauty lovers. Five years of passion, patience and collaboration with Moroccan master craftsmen have made our princely riads an indispensable reference of Art Deco in Morocco.

Discover the great Masters who inspired our bedrooms and suites decoration

Piet Mondrian

piet mondrian

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) is a Dutch painter, acknowledged as one of the founders of the De Stijl movement, together with Theo van Doesburg. His way of using only primary colours inspired Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian Dress. A whole tadelakt and wooden wall reminds his works in the room named after him.

Jean Dunand


Jean Dunand (1877-1942) is a French artist with Swiss origins and many different talents: he was at the same time a sculptor, a coppersmith, a lacquer, a mosaicist, a goldsmith, and an interior designer. Originally trained in sculpting, he turned to decorative arts and copperware in 1905. In 1912, he learned lacquery, a technique he used to decorate paravents, panels, furniture and vases, as well as for portraits. He is also renowned for taking part in the interior decoration of L'Atlantique and Normandie liners. Jean DUNAND is one of the most prominent Art Deco creators. Because of the Eastern origins of lacquer, the room decoration shows Asian influences.

Matteo Brondy


Matteo Brondy (1866-1944) is originally a French veterinary who moved to Morocco in 1915. Inspired by the Meknes hinterland landscapes, he started painting and drawing. Brondy was the President of the Meknes City Tourist Board and thus, the city's main animator for tourism promotion. He also designed many splendid high-graphic quality posters that are still edited today as postcards. A splendid poster signed with his name decorates the suite named after him.

Jules Leleu


Jules Leleu (1883-1961) is a French Art Deco cabinetmaker. At the 1925 International Decorative and Industrial Arts Exposition, he earned a Grand Prize for exposing his dining room. Then, G. Remon wrote in the August 1925 edition of the Mobilier et Décoration (Furniture & Decoration) magazine, « Jules Leleu can be taken for one of the best fine furniture craftsmen ». Two armchairs signed by his name decorate the suite named after him.

Paul Jouve


Paul Jouve (1878-1973) is a French painter, sculptor and ceramist and a member of the French Académie des Beaux-Arts. Famous for his animal art, he took part at the 1900, 1925 and 1937 Expositions universelles in Paris, winning a gold medal for each participation. His sketches and drawings, in the pure Art Deco spirit, are those of a sculptor, an art he also practices.

Sonia Delaunay


Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) is a French painter with Ukrainian origins. Oriented towards abstract art throughout the years, in 1946 she opens the Salon des réalités nouvelles (Salon of New Realities) only to promote abstraction. She leaves behind her an abundant work that also includes printed fabrics, artist books, haute couture dresses, etc. An original numbered and signed lithography, bought at the Mamounia auction, decorates the wall of the suite named after her.

Aleksandr Rodchenko


Aleksandr Rodchenko (1891-1956) is a Russian artist, who was at the same time a painter, a sculptor, a photographer and a designer. He is one of the founders of Russian constructivism and his works strongly influenced Russian design and photography. He collaborated with the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Victor Sassoon


Sir Victor Sassoon (1881-1961) is a member of the famous Sassoon family, who dominated the Shanghai business and real estate industry at the beginning of the XXst Century. He is known as the exporter of the Art Deco movement to China. The owner, who often stayed at Shanghai Peace Hotel, wanted to pay tribute to him.

J.E Ruhlmann


Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann (1879-1933) is a French decorator. He creates refined and elegant furniture with taut lines, using rare essences like Indian and Brazilian rosewood, Indonesian Macassar ebony, Guyanese amaranth and Cuban mahogany. He coats his furniture with Burman amboina, ivory inlay, leather sheats, shagreen and crocodile skin. The superb Macassar ebony and shagreen bed reminds his work in the superb suite named after him.

Clément Rousseau


Clément Rousseau started out as a sculptor, before turning to drawing and making furniture and different objects on from 1912. On quite common and traditional forms, he showed great fantasy and a very strong sense of decorative effect by using together rare and precious matter, like shagreen, ivory and leather, as well as tropical wood plating and marquetry: Macassar, violetwood, etc.